Cyberbullying. Bullying and antisocial behavior among chilean adolescents

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Varela-Torres, J. J., Sánchez-Soto, P. A., Chuecas, J., Benavente, M., González, C., Acuña-Wagner, E. A., & Olaya Torres, A. (2021). Cyberbullying. Bullying and antisocial behavior among chilean adolescents. Tesis Psicológica, 16(2), 148-171.


Cyberbullying is a phenomenon that affects teenagers around the globe. Studies suggest that it has a negative impact on both victims and aggressors, becoming a public health concern. Previous studies have sought to define its predictors; however, most studies have not assessed the relationship between cyberbullying and traditional bullying or other types of aggression. Herein, we aimed to assess the association between antisocial behaviors and traditional bullying as forms of aggression that could predict cyberbullying in victims and perpetrators. A total of 791 adolescents from Santiago, Chile, were included in our study; mean age of 13.57 years old, 46.06% female. We used the structural equations model to test our model. Our results show a good fit of the model, showing a relation between antisocial behaviors and bullying, but only for the perpetrator. Bullies were associated with the roles of cyberbullying victim and cyberbullying perpetrator. Bullying victims were only associated with cyberbullying victims. Our results confirm the relation between different types of aggressive behavior, particularly for perpetrators, which could account for a unique dynamic for bullying and cyberbullying perpetrators. Prevention programs should explore more comprehensive interventions aimed at adolescents and promote a better understanding of this type of aggression.

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